What is alkaline reduced water?

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What is alkaline reduced water?

Our body needs alkaline reduced water.
It is good for you health to drink more than 1 liter of alkaline reduced water a day.

Our body needs alkaline reduced water.

Reduced water, which is Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of water, that is, energy potential determined according to the equilibrium between oxidizing and reducing agents existing in water, shows stronger reducing power as the numerical value becomes lower to (-) and oxidizing power as the value goes up to (+)
(General tap water shows the oxidizing power of +250 ~ +500mV).

In the result, alkaline reduced water that is a substance for medical treatment is generated as reducing power of -150 ~ -250mV (average ORP more or less -200) and alkalinity of pH8.5~9.8 (average more or less pH9.5) are created by the generation of abundant minerals and active hydrogen when a combination of natural mineral materials and magnesium (Mg) makes natural circulation response with water
[the chemical formula = Mg + 2H2O → Mg(OH)2 + H(H+ H- H2)]
[the electrolytic formula = Mg + 2H2O → Mg2+ + 2OH- + H2(H+ H- → H2)].


What is reduction?
Combining with hydrogen
Removing oxygen
Getting electrons

→ Not rusting / Health / Fresh / Become younger


What is Oxidation?
Combining with oxygen
Losing hydrogen
Losing electrons

→ Rusting / Being tired / Rotting / Aging


Usage of Alkaline Reduced Water

1. Alkaline reduced water is good for drinking
When drinking more than 1 liter of alkaline reduced water a day, it is good for your body. It's good hangovers too.
You can also drink this for medical purposes such as gastrointestinal symptoms
(chronic diarrhea, indigestion, fermentation in the stomach, acid indigestion).

2. Alkaline reduced water is useful when cooking
When cooking rice with alkaline reduced water the glow of rice becomes better and you can store it longer. When cooking soup with this water the dish has a deeper flavor.

3. Alkaline reduced water is good for making tea
When you use alkaline reduced water for making coffee, green tea, black tea, or other types, due to its small water particles the tea substances are drawn out quicker with a soft taste and improved scent.

4. Alkaline reduced water is good for your skin
When you drink alkaline reduced water your skin will improve.
When you use this water to erase makeup, cleansing, or spray it when your hair and skin is dry, it improves the moisture of your skin.

5. Alkaline reduced water is good for plants and pets
By spraying alkaline reduced water on the plants it provides mineral to the plants and improves the glow, while promoting growth.
When giving them to pets their excretion will smell less.