Energy amplifying device


Energy amplifying device

The energy amplifying device is manufactured with verification by research institutes and related societies, and special ceramic ball functions are grafted, for the first time in the world, into strong N-poles equipped in the LOHAS hydrogen reduced water generator (WP-K3000).

What is an energy amplifying (L-RAY) device?

The combination reaction of the pulse of the N-pole and energy emitted out of ceramic balls makes water get resonance (wavelength and waves) by amplifying energy with the principle of rotating electromagnetic waves, that is, the alternating magnetic field (alternate charge). Only the energy emitted between N-poles is expected to have a rapid change of physical properties. Increasing the energy activity level of water means that energy is strongly radiated toward a living body. As the body has physiological activity autonomously promoted by absorbing energy information by resonance, metabolism becomes smooth and also it results in excellent surface activity by increasing the power of fluids surrounding cells.


BiometricsImmune functionStress
N-pole number(Increase effect) 9(Relieving effect) 13
S-pole number(Increase effect) 1(Relieving effect) 1

# The measured figure of water treated with the N-pole is higher than that of water treated with the S-pole.


Comparison of
Effciency of workIncreaseDecrease
Reaction velocityDecreaseIncrease
Healing reactionPromoteRestrain
Recovery reactionFastSlow
Allergy reactionRelaxStimulate
Reaction to emotionStableUnstable

# Biometrics analysis


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