Generation of antioxidant substances


Generation of antioxidant substances

# What are antioxidant substances?
As, in water rich in hydrogen (H), enzyme substances are generated such as catalase, glutathione and peroxidase besides SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) in the process that oxidizing power is converted to reducing power, by which free radicals in the body are removed, they are enzyme substances that make free radicals reduced again to water or oxygen.

What are oxygen free radicals?

Free radicals, which are an oxide generated as oxygen entered into the body in the process of respiration is used in various metabolic processes, are oxygen having strong oxidizing power that attacks and damages human tissue.
Oxidized oxygen in an unsafe condition that lacks an electron is converted to Water by being combined with active hydrogen generated by alkaline reduced water.

Free radicals(O2-) + hydrogen(H-) → water + O2

※ Causes of generation of free radicals :
Food additives, drug addiction, chemicals, air pollution, agricultural pesticides, herbicide, UV rays, electromagnetic waves from household electrical appliances, X-ray/radiation, after the operation, stress, excessive exercise


Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

  • ORP is the energy potential determined according to the balance between oxidizing and reducing agents existing in a solution. The lower the value, the stronger reducing power it has, and thehigher the value, the stronger oxidizing power it has.
  • The ORP value of tap water may be different according to area, but it has an ORP of +250 ~ +450mV in average.



The ORP value of human organs and skin is very low being -100mV ~ -250mV.
It is because oxidation (aging) is inhibited and harmful ingredients are decomposed by reduction.
- Quoted from information of Water Good to the Body in the 21st Century


Water structure and measurement experiment of pH, ORP and H-

The LOHAS alkaline reduced water has an increased absorption ratio into the body and a feeling of refreshment because the structure of water is changed into the dense water structure of 62~66Hz in average compared to the average 140~144Hz of tap water as far infra-red rays (biophoton) emitted out of ceramic balls act as light energy (??-RAY) in water and make the molecular structure of water into dense clusters.

  • Tap water : 140~144Hz
  • Purified water : 128~135Hz
  • Bottled water : 95~110Hz
  • Mineral water : 85~90Hz
  • Alkaline reduced water : 62~66Hz
  • N-pole magnetized water : 48~52Hz

>> The smaller the water structure, the lower the surface tension value.


Comparative experiment of tap water and LOHAS alkaline reduced water

Tested and confirmed the average increase of pH, strengthening of ORP and generation of hydrogen with respective meters

 Hydrogen reduced waterTap water
ORP (reducing power)-380 ∼ -600mV in average+250 ~ +480 in average
pH (alkalinity)7.9 ~ 8.3 in average6.8 ~ 7.2 in average
H- (hydrogen radicals)450 ~ 650ppb0


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